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When is Thumb-Sucking Cause for Worry? Dr. Tipton Answers Your Questions


Lots of you have asked us at Dr. Tipton’s office about whether it’s healthy for children to suck thumbs (or, less frequently, fingers). If you’ve got a thumb-sucker in the house, you are not alone. Research tells us that between 75% and 95% of infants suck their thumbs. Is this anything to worry about?

In most cases, no. Sucking is a natural reflex for an infant, and can provide security and contentment as well as relaxation for your little one. It’s a habit that most children grow out of between the ages of 2 and 4.

However, if your child keeps sucking after he’s gotten his permanent teeth, it’s time to take a closer look. If your child sucks his thumb aggressively, putting pressure on the inside of his mouth or his teeth, it could cause problems with tooth alignment and proper mouth growth. If you’re worried, give us a call and we will help assess the situation, and provide tips for how to help your child break the habit. Give us a call at Dr. Tipton’s Office!


Tooth Fairy from Tipton Orthodontics


At Tipton Orthodontics, we know that losing your first tooth, or any baby tooth for that matter, can be exciting! Your baby tooth may be gone, but in no time you will have a bigger, “grown-up” tooth in its place. So what do you do with the lost tooth? That’s simple…place it under your pillow at night and when you are fast asleep the tooth fairy will come and whisk your tooth away leaving behind a special gift just for you! Here’s a simple craft project I found a little while back that will help make the tooth fairy’s job a little easier and give your tooth a special place to stay until it is taken away. Please click on the link for instructions and pictures!

Tooth Fairy “Tooth” Box

(remember to ask your parents for help when using hot glue and scissors)

What you will need

I large empty match box

Enough felt to wrap the box and inside sliding tray


Glue (tacky glue or a hot glue gun)


White, pink and blue (or your favorite color) felt for decorating the matchbox


Step 1: Pull the inner tray out of the box and line the inside with glue and felt as shown. Wrap the outside of the box with felt and glue it in place.

Step 2: Glue ribbon to the outside of the box in a hanging loop shape. Fold another piece of ribbon in half and glue it to the bottom of the inner tray to create a handle for sliding it in and out.

Step 3: Draw a tooth shape on paper, cut it out, and trace it onto the white felt twice. Cut out the teeth and face details.

Step 4: Decorate the teeth with the eyes and cheeks and draw on a mouth. Glue one tooth to the outside of the box.

Step 5: Create a tooth pocket by applying glue to the sides and bottom of the remaining tooth as shown, leaving an opening at the top. Glue the pocket to the inside tray. Once the glue dries, the box is Tooth Fairy-ready. Have your child put the tooth inside the inner pocket and hang it outside their door before your child goes to bed!

Enjoy from Tipton Orthodonticscoloring-project

Save Face from Tipton Orthodontics

catcherTeeth do their best work when they’re snug in your mouth. But all manner of sports and games threaten to loosen them – or worse, knock them out! Protective gear is vital for anyone engaging in tooth-threatening activities. That’s why orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and oral surgeons are sponsoring “National Facial Protection Month” in April. Their message is clear: Avoid sports injuries by wearing protective equipment. They encourage active people – children, parents, weekend warriors, professional athletes – to play it safe when getting outside this spring. From your daughter’s field hockey team to this year’s NBA champs, protective equipment is a must. We think of professional hockey players as the ones who most often lose their teeth, but all sports are contact sports. Baseball players, skateboarders, cyclists, skiers – active children and adults alike can “save face” by wearing helmets, face shields, or mouth guards. Got questions about your sport of choice? Ask us what kind of gear is best for you the next time you’re at Tipton Orthodontics!