Monthly Archives: December 2008

SureSmile Spa Day

Back in September SureSmile hosted over 260 hygienists from around the desert valley for a delightful “day at the spa!” The event was held at Wrigley Mansion and included massages and a delicious lunch. Of course, there were also presentations about the innovative new technology of SureSmile.

Representatives from SureSmile fielded questions and shared with us valuable information. For example, with SureSmile your treatment time is shortened by 30-40 percent! Your braces will be removed before you even realized they were on! Everybody attending the event had a great time and we are all ready to share with our patients what we now know about SureSmile.

Our day ended with a presentation from a local dermatologist giving us tips on protecting our skin and keeping it healthy in the hot Arizona sun and a relaxing massage to send us on our way!

We are happy to be back and to have the opportunity to share with you the great new technology that SureSmile has brought to our practice. Please contact our practice if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment to start your SureSmile treatment today.


An Unforgettable Trip to Mexico

Arriving in Mexico
On November 21st and 22nd, 2008 Dr. Greg Hatch and I flew to San Ignacio, Mexico in Dr. Hatch’s plane (San Ignacio is located on the Baja Peninsula), along with Dr. Alan Longfellow and a few of our staff members. Our mission: to provide dental care to the people living in this area in order to teach and promote good oral health.

Our trip began when we landed our plane on a small dirt landing strip in San Ignacio, which was definitely an adventure it itself! We were then driven to a small Mexican pueblo where members of the group “The Flying Samaritans” have recently completed construction of a new medical/dental clinic.

On Saturday, the 22nd, we spent almost the entire day working with the people of San Ignacio doing fillings and extracting decayed teeth. The local people we helped were all very appreciative, and interested in what we were doing! The humanitarian services that we provided filled all of us with feelings of gratitude for our own lives of abundance and a desire to return to San Ignacio again soon to help all of these wonderful people!

This is our story, but we’d also love to hear one of yours! If you have any stories about a trip you took that made a difference in another person’s life please leave us a comment and share with us your experience. We’ve all had someone make a difference in our lives, and at some point we must take time to give back to others in need of our help.

Buddy Walk to Benefit Down Syndrome Arizona 2008

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to be a part of the Annual Buddy Walk for Down Syndrome! What a fantastic event! We arrived at the park bright and early to register, then spent the whole morning having fun! Between the fun games, good food, great music and amazing people, this event was a huge success. It was wonderful to see the sparkle in these kids’ eyes. They sure do know how to have a good time. We loved watching them perform dances like “Thriller, and “The Macarena”. Then everyone marched around the track laughing, clapping and enjoying the good company. After that it was back to the games and dancing! We had a great experience and appreciate the light that these kids bring into our lives.

We also have a new contest going on in the office. Come in and check it out. Look carefully at each staff member’s face and see if you can match it to the correct baby face picture. Whoever correctly matches the most pictures will receive movie tickets!