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Save Face from Tipton Orthodontics

catcherTeeth do their best work when they’re snug in your mouth. But all manner of sports and games threaten to loosen them – or worse, knock them out! Protective gear is vital for anyone engaging in tooth-threatening activities. That’s why orthodontists, pediatric dentists, and oral surgeons are sponsoring “National Facial Protection Month” in April. Their message is clear: Avoid sports injuries by wearing protective equipment. They encourage active people – children, parents, weekend warriors, professional athletes – to play it safe when getting outside this spring. From your daughter’s field hockey team to this year’s NBA champs, protective equipment is a must. We think of professional hockey players as the ones who most often lose their teeth, but all sports are contact sports. Baseball players, skateboarders, cyclists, skiers – active children and adults alike can “save face” by wearing helmets, face shields, or mouth guards. Got questions about your sport of choice? Ask us what kind of gear is best for you the next time you’re at Tipton Orthodontics!