SureSmile takes tech to teeth.

Over the past decade we’ve seen the impact of technological advances on our everyday lives.

Digital imaging has changed the way we take our photos and watch TV.

Computer modeling has revolutionized the design and engineering of the products we use.

Robotic technology has brought manufacturing into the 21st century.

High-tech materials have made products and equipment perform better.

SureSmile is the first and only system to integrate those technological advances into a start-to-finish orthodontic treatment process.

Three Steps

Step 1: Digital Imaging with the OraScanner

The OraScanner is the first 3-D intraoral imaging device designed exclusively for orthodontics. Its unique shape provides maneuverability and patient comfort as the scanner moves around the inside of the mouth taking digital images of each tooth, documenting the exact shape of the tooth and recording its position in relation to the teeth around it.

The resulting digital images are automatically downloaded to a computer, creating a 3-D digital model of your pre-treatment mouth.

The OraScanner’s white light captures highly precise images of your teeth with accuracy up to 50 microns — the width of a human hair. It can be used throughout orthodontic treatment to show the exact position of the teeth and brackets in 3-D.

Step 2: Computer Modeling with SureSmile Software

When the scanning is complete, a 3-D digital model of your teeth appears on the computer screen. By manipulating the tooth positions on the digital model, the orthodontist creates a rendering of the targeted result.

The doctor uses the SureSmile Treatment Planning Software to analyze the difference between your current smile and your ideal smile and plots the precise individual tooth movements needed to achieve your goal.

Since the beginning-to-end treatment plan is charted by computer, your archwires can be custom designed with precision and accuracy from the start. That means you’ll need fewer adjustments during the course of treatment.

Step 3: Robotic Adjustment to Archwires

Based on the specific treatment target defined by your doctor, the computer custom designs your unique archwires. SureSmile software conveys this design to robotic hands that bend and shape your archwires into a precise, customized prescription.

The archwire material used for the SureSmile process is a “smart” Shape Memory Alloy that remembers its target position and permanently retains its customized prescription. Robotically bent Shape Memory Alloy is one of the ways SureSmile shortens your treatment time.


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