Dr. Tipton Patient Reviews

Tipton Orthodontics provides the latest most-advanced technology to achieve optimal results in minimal time. Just see what his patients are saying!!teens_laptopDr. Tipton is very kind and never seems rushed. He gives you the time and attention you deserve. That is very rare these days from a dentist or doctor.
-Kimberly D.

There are many things that I like about Dr. Tipton. What stands out the most is that he has an amazing staff, from the front desk to the back office. They are very friendly, always smiling, and very thorough with updates after each of my son’s visits.
-Stacie A.

I personally enjoy the casual and lax atmosphere at Tipton Orthodontics as well as how kind and understanding Dr. Tipton and his staff are.
-Colleen F.

All the staff at Tipton Orthodontics is very friendly and very helpful. They make us feel welcome and explain exactly what is going to happen before it happens!
-Denise S.

Dr. Tipton is friendly and cares about individual patients. He gives me personal attention and makes me feel important. He called me the day after I got my braces on just to check on me. That was very thoughtful and way above and beyond what was expected.
-Jerom N.

Tipton Orthodontics is very skilled and thanks to them, my teeth are now getting straight.
-Seungwan R.


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