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Tipton Orthodontics Has A Fun New Soda Pop Quiz

sodaTipton Orthodontics wants to know, where does all that soda pop go?

On average, the typical person consumes over 50 gallons of soda pop per year! The amount of acid and sugar found in a can of soda can cause serious tooth decay and lead to cavities, gum disease, and even tooth loss!

We at Tipton Orthodontics know that you don’t want to lose your teeth, so take the soda pop quiz, presented by the Minnesota Dental Association, and learn more about how to keep your smile healthy.

It’s a fun interactive quiz, so enjoy! From Tipton Orthodontics.


SureSmile at Tipton Orthodontics

suresmileWOW! What an exciting time at Tipton Orthodontics! With the introduction of SureSmile into the practice everyone is excited about the results we are seeing and about our patients getting their braces off sooner.

Dr. Tipton is so excited he hosted an open house for approximately 20 dentists and their staffs. The event included a luncheon, demonstrations of a SureSmile scan, and review of the SureSmile software.

If you are not familiar with what SureSmile is here’s a little background information. After the initial leveling and aligning of the teeth is done (approximately 3-6 months) a 3-D digital scan is done of the teeth. Next, Dr. Tipton uses these images to plan treatment digitally for greater accuracy and control. Finally, specialized robots use his plan to produce customized high-tech wires for use in the patient’s braces.

So now you know why we are so excited about SureSmile! If you have any questions regarding this exciting technology just give us a call at Tipton Orthodontics.

A Visit From The Tad Fairy at Tipton Orthodontics

At Tipton Orthodontics, we were fortunate enough to have Dr. John Graham, one of Arizona’s leaders in the use and placement of temporary anchorage devices (or tads), come to our office to train us on the procedure. Dr. Graham lectures on the placement of tads to doctors across the country. He also has a patent on the tads we will be using in our office.

Tads are mini-screws which are positioned in strategic locations in a patients upper and/or lower jaw to aid in the ideal positioning of the teeth. The placement and removal of tads can be done using local anesthetic but WITHOUT the use of needles. Most patients return to work or school upon leaving the office with minimal to no descomfort. In some cases, the use of tads helps correct bites that could otherwise require orthognathic surgery. Thanks again to Dr. Graham for sharing his expertise with our staff. At Tipton Orthodontics, we are excited to bring this procedure to the forefront of orthodontics for our patients.

Best of Tempe

We were given a great honor last week – our office was selected as the 2008 Best of Tempe in the Orthodontists category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).
Each year, the USBLA recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. They identify companies they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category.
The award is given to local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.
We are happy to be presented with this award, in recognition of our efforts to enhance the positive image of our business through service to our customers and community.
We would love to hear your thoughts about Tipton Orthodontics.