SureSmile Spa Day

Back in September SureSmile hosted over 260 hygienists from around the desert valley for a delightful “day at the spa!” The event was held at Wrigley Mansion and included massages and a delicious lunch. Of course, there were also presentations about the innovative new technology of SureSmile.

Representatives from SureSmile fielded questions and shared with us valuable information. For example, with SureSmile your treatment time is shortened by 30-40 percent! Your braces will be removed before you even realized they were on! Everybody attending the event had a great time and we are all ready to share with our patients what we now know about SureSmile.

Our day ended with a presentation from a local dermatologist giving us tips on protecting our skin and keeping it healthy in the hot Arizona sun and a relaxing massage to send us on our way!

We are happy to be back and to have the opportunity to share with you the great new technology that SureSmile has brought to our practice. Please contact our practice if you have any questions or to schedule an appointment to start your SureSmile treatment today.


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