The SureSmile Difference: Less Time in Braces

What is SureSmile?


SureSmile is a huge advance in orthodontics. SureSmile has so many advantages and differences over other procedures:

o   Shortened treatment time – by up to 40%

o   Reduce the number of adjustments

o   Fewer office visits

  • Less discomfort


SureSmile treatment is a 3-step process that uses digital imaging, a robotic arm, and an orthodontic eye to create a state-of-the-art orthodontic experience! With SureSmile, you can be in and out of braces FAST with many patients seeing top results in under a year as opposed to two-three years in braces! The following is from the SureSmile web site:


Three Steps to a SureSmile


Step 1: Digital imaging with the OraScanner creates a 3-D digital model of your mouth, showing the exact position of every tooth.


Step 2: Computer modeling with SureSmile Treatment Planning Software allows the orthodontist to manipulate the digital model of your teeth and create a plan for your ultimate smile.



Step 3: Robotic hands, guided by the SureSmile software, precision-bend Shape Memory Alloy archwires that work with your body heat to shorten treatment time.


Tipton Orthodontics is one of only four SureSmile providers in Arizona. It is the most cutting-edge treatment available in the world of braces today. 


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